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NCHRP IDEA 20-30/IDEA 212 [Active (IDEA)]

Non-Gating Guardrail End Terminals

  Project Data
Funds: $130,000
Staff Responsibility: Inam Jawed
Research Agency: Sicking Safety System
Principal Investigator: Dean Sicking
Fiscal Year: 2018

This research project will focus on obtaining the knowledge and tools necessary to develop a non-gating guardrail terminal. The goal is to determine the combinations of energy dissipation rate, lateral stiffness of the system, and the degree of mechanical interlock between the impacting vehicle and the energy absorbing system that can produce non-gating behavior. This goal will be met through three stages: (1) compiling data on crash testing that resulted in a redirection or an attempted redirection; (2) simulate the necessary stiffness and force to redirect a vehicle striking the end of a terminal; and (3) creating an exemplar non-gating prototype based on simulation results. In this quarter, a panel meeting was held on December 3rd to introduce the panel members to the project and answer their questions. Also, research reports were collected that documented crash testing done on longitudinal barriers. So far, more than 40 crash tests have been collected from the Midwest Roadside Safety Facility (MwRSF) research hub that are in accordance with Test Level 3 of MASH or NCHRP Report 350. These tests were found when searching specifically for test nos. 10 and 11. In the next quarter, additional searches will be made for test nos. 32, 33, 34, and 35. The search will also be expanded to include results from other test agencies, such as the Texas Transportation Institute at the Texas A&M University. Some data has been collected from the existing tests, such as vehicle weight, speed, and angle. Additional data will be gathered from those tests as well as from other reports. Specifically, the working width, permanent set, and accelerations will be compiled into a database.

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