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TCRP J-11/Task 36 [Final]

An Update on Public Transportation's Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  Project Data
Funds: $90,000
Research Agency: CNT
Principal Investigator: Jen McGraw
Effective Date: 10/29/2019
Completion Date: 1/24/2021



The concerns for sustainability and climate change are intensifying.  Local leaders, together with many public and private entities, are developing climate action plans with strategies to solidify their commitment to slowing climate change and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Many public transportation agencies are committed to reducing their GHG emissions and contributing to improved sustainability. 


Past research has indicated that public transportation plays an important role in reducing GHG emissions. About a decade ago the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) conducted several research projects related to public transportation and the reduction of GHG emissions.   It is important that the research on public transportation’s national impacts on GHG emissions be updated since there have been significant changes during the past decade including, but not limited to, strides in energy efficiency in the bus and rail fleets through use of alternative fuels and regenerative braking. 




The objective of this research is to update aspects of previous TCRP research described earlier on public transportation’s role in reducing GHG emissions and supporting sustainability.


The research is complete and the results have been published as TCRP Research Report 226. See report here: An Update on Public Transportation's Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions | The National Academies Press (nap.edu)

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