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NCHRP 20-68D [Active]

U.S. Domestic Scan Program (Phase 3)
[ NCHRP 20-68 (US Domestic Scan Program -- Business Plan) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $600,000
Funding indicated is for one year of activity. Funds have been assigned to support 2 years of scan program activities.
Staff Responsibility: Sid Mohan
Research Agency: Arora and Associates, P.C.
Principal Investigator: Harry Capers, PE
Effective Date: 4/3/2019
Completion Date: 4/2/2022
Comments: Phase 3 of the program is planned for 6 years, subject to continued availability of funds and satisfactory performance.

The objective of NCHRP Project 20-68D is to plan and manage the execution of domestic technology scans, each addressing a single technical topic. The initial 3-year schedule of activities was intended to be the first stage of what NCHRP anticipates will be a continuing domestic scan program. NCHRP staff estimates that funds allocated to the program will typically be adequate to support planning and execution of three to five scans each year. The number of scans conducted each year will depend on the estimated costs of specific scans and the availability of funds from NCHRP and other sponsorship.

AASHTO and NCHRP identify scan topics, based on suggestions submitted by state DOTs and FHWA. Each scan is planned and conducted with a scan team chair (or co-chairs) and 8 to 10 scan-team members. A subject-matter expert, working with the scan-team chair and members, is responsible for (a) conducting a desk scan; (b) defining the appropriate duration of the scan, its technical structure, and other factors likely to influence planning of the scan; (c) preparing scan technical materials; and (d) supporting the scan-team's reporting of their experience and findings. AASHTO and NCHRP identify scan team chairs and members. The management team is responsible for receiving scan-topic descriptions from NCHRP; planning, executing and documenting scans, including securing NCHRP approvals of interim and final products; and preparing an annual report of the domestic scan program's activities. The management team works with scan-team chairs to select subject-matter experts.

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