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Transit IDEA J-04/IDEA 91 [Active (IDEA)]

Comprehensive Wayfinding for All (CWall)

  Project Data
Funds: $99,815
Staff Responsibility: Velvet Fitzpatrick
Research Agency: Texas A&M Transportation Institute
Principal Investigator: Michael J. Walk
Fiscal Year: 2017

This project will develop and test a prototype smartphone application (app) that will provide transit and pedestrian trip planning and navigation assistance along the entire transit trip. The app, called Comprehensive Wayfinding for All (or CWall), will aid users in locating bus stops (bus stops will be equipped with Bluetooth low-energy beacons), traveling to stops using accessible pedestrian pathways, obtaining real-time transit information, and receiving alerts for when to board and get off buses. Although CWall’s intended audience is users with visual and mobility impairments, the app will also benefit users without disabilities by reducing the learning curve of taking transit and making the sidewalk and transit network easier to understand and use. The Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) will lead the project and test the app in Austin, TX, with the involvement of the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Capital Metro) and two of Capital Metro’s contractors, including the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (TCAT) for pedestrian pathway mapping and Knowbility for app accessibility testing.

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