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TCRP J-11 [Active]

Quick-Response Research on Long-Term Strategic Issues

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Staff Responsibility: Dianne S. Schwager
Research Agency: Various

Project Objective
The objective of this TCRP special project is to provide research assistance to support Quick-Response Research on Long-Term Strategic Issues that are identified by APTA. A TCRP panel, comprised of TOPS Committee members, was formed to review and approve these funding requests. Topics selected for this project must be research oriented; research topics are not for advocacy purposes; research results are disseminated broadly, where possible, to public transportation providers and stakeholders; and there will be annual accountability to the TOPS Committee through written reports on how the funds are being used.   
At the June 2006 meeting of the TOPS Committee indicated its intent to fund this TCRP special project at about $300,000 annually, beginning in FY 2007, with future annual allocations contingent on project performance and available funding. To date, thirty-eight have been authorized.   Twenty-eight tasks have been completed, five projects are active, and four tasks are in development. One project (Task 23) was authorized but subsequently canceled. 
Completed tasks:  
  • Task 1, Research for ENO Transportation Foundation Forum on the Future of Metropolitan Transportation ($25,000)
  • Task 2, Public Transportation Contribution to Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Improved Air Quality ($30,000)
  • Task 3, Broadening and Localizing the Connection Between Public Transportation and Petroleum Conservation ($50,000)
  • Task 4, Support for the Transit Portion of the AASHTO Transportation Visioning Effort ($15,000)            
  • Task 5, Economic Return on Transit and the Benefits of Growth ($68,000)
  • Task 6, Role of Transit Agencies in the Regional Transportation Planning Process ($30,000)
  • Task 7, Economic Impact Study ($100,000)
  • Task 8, Implications of an Aging Population of Transit Agency Funding Needs ($75,000)
  • Task 9,  Improving Transit System-wide Energy Efficiency to Enhance Transit’s Role in Climate Change Strategies ($60,000)
  • Task 10, Regional Organizational Models for Transit Agencies ($100,000)
  • Task 11, Identifying Potential Approaches to Updating Urbanized Area Population and Density Data ($40,000)
  • Task 12, Scoping Study and Survey of Existing Resources, Practices and Metrics of Workforce Development Programs in the U.S. Transit Industry ($70,000)
  • Task 13, National Forum on Performance Based Planning, ($25,000)
  • Task 14, Assessment of Alternative Local and Regional Funding Mechanisms ($125,000)
  • Task 15, Impacts of Cuts and Reductions in Public Transportation Funding ($100,000)
  • Task 16, Improving Safety Performance Comparisons among Transportation Modes ($100,000)
  • Task 17, Millennials and Mobility: Understanding the Millennial Mindset and New Opportunities for Transit Providers ($50,000),   TCRP Web-only Document 61
  • Task 18, Improving Transportation Project Evaluation Criteria: Accessibility and Land Use      Implications ($50,000)
  • Task 19, Critical Assessment for Future Transportation Needs Analysis ($60,000)(This project was TCRP’s contribution to NCHRP Project 20-24(86), Critical Assessment for Future Transportation Needs Analysis (Refresh the Policy Capacity of the Bottom Line /C&P)
  • Task 20, An Analysis of Bus Axle Weight Issues ($80,000)
  • Task 21, Shared Mobility and the Transformation of Public Transit, ($75,000), TCRP Report TCRP Report 188
  • Task 22, Guide to Value Capture Financing for Public Transportation Projects ($75,000), TCRP Report 190
  • Task 23 (Cancelled)
  • Task 24, Private Transit Services and Public Transportation ($75,000), TCRP Report 196 
  • Task 25, Broadening Understanding of the Interplay of Public Transit, Shared Mobility, and Personal Automobiles ($90,000), TCRP Report 195
  • Task 26, Collaborations and Partnerships between Public Transportation and Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)($100,00)
  • Task 29, Strategic Communications for Transit Agencies ($50,000)
  • Task 30, Using Quick-Build Techniques and Pilot Projects to Improve Surface Transportation ($50,000)
  • Task 32,  Public Transportation Sustainability Guidelines and Metrics ($50,000)
Tasks currently under contract:
  • Task 27, Analysis of Transit Vehicle Automation and Near-Term Policy Preparation ($60,000)
  • Task 28,  Analysis of Recent Transit Ridership Trends: Issues and Approaches ($60,000)
  • Task 31,  Application and Monetization of Data Collected by Transit Agencies ($90,000)
  • Task 33, Guidebook for Deploying Zero Emissions Transit Vehicle Fleets($100,000)
  • Task 34, The Effects of Automation on the Transit Labor Workforce ($100,000)
Tasks in development
  • J-11/Task 35, Diversity and Inclusion Plans, Policies and Best Practices in the Transportation Industry ($50,000)
  • J-11/Task 36, An Update on Public Transportation’s Impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, ($90,000)
  • J-11/Task 37, Transit & Micro-Mobility (Bikeshare, Scooter-share, etc.) ($91,000)
  • J-11/Task 38, An Analysis of Green Bond Financing in the Public Transportation Industry ($91,000)

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