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NCHRP 08-113 [Final]

Integrating Effective Transportation Performance, Risk, and Asset Management Practices

  Project Data
Funds: $666,617
Research Agency: Jacobs
Principal Investigator: Mara Campbell
Effective Date: 6/25/2018
Completion Date: 1/29/2021
Comments: Published as NCHRP Research Report 985


The AASHTO Subcommittee on Asset Management is seeking to implement the recently completed
Transportation Asset Management Research Roadmap (TAM Research Roadmap), developed under the NCHRP 08-36 quick response research program. The TAM Research Roadmap was developed in cooperation with AASHTO, TRB, USDOT, and other industry partners. It includes a multi-year research agenda to improve the overall implementation of transportation asset management at state, regional, and local transportation agencies. The purpose of the TAM Research Roadmap is to enable the TAM community to identify, propose, and implement TAM research projects necessary to improve the understanding of TAM and allow projects to be funded through various research programs including NCHRP, USDOT funding sources, and other sources.

The practice of performance, risk, and asset management has evolved over many years.  MAP-21 and the recently passed FAST Act, associated rules, and guidance have clarified the federal asset management requirements.  Beyond federal requirements, broader research and practice in the areas of transportation performance, risk, and asset management initiated by state DOTs and other public and private entities have added to the availability of tools, methods, and strategies. Yet, practitioners continue to struggle with integration and implementation of research findings and regulatory requirements.  This state of the practice, coupled with a detailed gap analysis, was the focus of the TAM Research Roadmap. To address identified gaps, additional research is needed to implement effective transportation management practices and identify human capital needs at state DOTs, regional organizations, and local agencies. The research proposed in this study was identified within the Research Roadmap and is designed to fill gaps in several high-priority areas. 


The objective of this research was to provide transportation agencies with practical guidance, recommendations, and successful implementation practices for

1.    Integrating performance, risk, and asset management at transportation agencies;

2.    Identifying, evaluating, and selecting appropriate management frameworks; and

3.    Recruiting, training, and retaining human capital to support asset management and related functions.

STATUS: The project final report is available as NCHRP Research Report 985: Integrating Effective Transportation Performance, Risk, and Asset Management Practices.

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