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TCRP Synthesis J-07/Topic SB-31 [Active (Synthesis)]

Implementing the US DOT Reasonable Modification Rule
[ TCRP J-07 (Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $45,000
Authorization to Begin Work: 6/2/2017 -- estimated
Staff Responsibility: Mariela Garcia-Colberg
Research Agency: KFH Group, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Beth Hamby
Effective Date: 9/21/2017
Fiscal Year: 2017

Final Scope

DOT ADA regulation 49 CFR 37.169(a)(1) states:
A public entity providing designated public transportation, in meeting the reasonable modification requirement of § 37.5(i)(3) with respect to its fixed route, demand responsive, and complementary paratransit services, shall respond to requests for reasonable modification to policies and practices consistent with this section.
Since July 2015, agencies have modified their policies, practices and procedures to respond to this regulation. The goal of this project is to synthesize and report information regarding transit agencies’ implementation of this regulation.
This synthesis will document the current state of the practice and identify challenges and lessons learned through a literature review (e.g. agency reports, peer reviewed journal articles, web articles), survey of representative transit agencies, and documentation of selected case examples/profiles. Information gathered will include but not be limited to:
• Revisions of policies and procedures
• Communication to the Public
• Subcontractor/delegated management agreement (DMA) considerations
• Training
• Delivery of Service
• Reasonable modification process (formal, informal or both)
• Complaint process

Examples of requests received and responses (Both approved and denied).

Ideas for improving their individual process

The consultant should identify what changes agencies have made in response to this regulation—which applies to bus, rail, general public demand-response and ADA complementary paratransit service. The report shall include five case examples that will gather information on the state-of-the-practice, emphasizing lessons learned, opportunities and challenges. The needs for future research should also be discussed.
This Synthesis will not seek to determine whether a transit agency is in compliance with the revised rule, nor will the synthesis recommend actions for achieving compliance.

Information Sources:
• 49 CFR Parts 27, 37 and 38, “Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities: Final Rule”
• Federal Register, Vol. 80, No. 49, pages 13253-13263 (March 13, 2015)
• FTA Circular C 4710.1, “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA): Guidance” (November 4, 2015)
• Appendix E
• Preamble 

TRB Staff
Mariela Garcia-Colberg
Phone: 202-334-2361
Email: mgarciacolberg@nas.edu

Meeting Dates
First Panel: September 21, 2017, Washington, DC
Teleconference with Consultant: October 4, 2017, 11:00 a.m., EST
Second Panel: May 3, 2018, Washington, DC

Topic Panel
Sylvia F. Castillo, VIA Metropolitan Transit
Nick Davidson, SARTA - Stark Area Regional Transit Authority
Ian Detamore, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
Tina Dubost, San Mateo County (CA) Transit District
Cecilia Feeley, Rutgers University Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation
Lawrence F. Hughes, Lawrence F. Hughes Consulting
Paul J. Larrousse, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Don Natzke
Susan Clark, Federal Transit Administration
Stephen J. Andrle, Transportation Research Board


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