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NCHRP 20-113A [Final]

Support for TRB Symposium on Transformational Technologies Affecting Transportation
[ NCHRP 20-113 (Research Roadmap -- Transformational Technologies (other than CV/AV)) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $130,000
Research Agency: CAVita
Principal Investigator: Abbas Mohaddes; Peter Sweatman
Effective Date: 9/15/2016
Completion Date: 4/14/2017

The objective of this research was to support a TRB Symposium on Transformational Technologies Affecting Transportation. Specific duties included assisting in planning the event, identifying potential participants, preparing white papers and presentation materials on the transformational technologies, facilitating the event, and summarizing the event.


The symposium was held on October 31-November 1, 2016. The contractor's final report is available.
Task 1. Meet with the NCHRP Project Panel on July 18, 2016 in San Francisco to begin planning the event. Two weeks prior to this meeting, the contractor will deliver a concept plan for the event, including event objectives and themes and a schedule of milestones leading up to the event as well as follow-on activities to summarize the proceedings. In consultation with TRB staff, the contractor will also prepare an agenda for the kick-off meeting. Upon completion of the meeting, the contractor will prepare notes reflecting the discussion and revise the concept plan.
Task 2. In collaboration with the Project Panel, articulate the value proposition for the public and private sectors and academia in participating in the event. Contact high priority organizations to make the organization aware of the event and to convey basic information on participation. The contractor will keep TRB staff up-to-date on those organizations that have been contacted and the degree of interest they have shown in participating in the event.
Task 3. In consultation with the Project Panel, TRB staff, and local hosts, develop a detailed agenda for a 1.5 day event. The agenda will address the following transformational technologies: Connected Vehicles (CV), Automated Vehicles (AV), Shared Use Services (SUS), Alternative Fuels, Smart Cities, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Internet-of-Things (IoT), Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), NextGen, and 3-D Printing.
Preparatory activities may include surveys of potential participants, discussions with relevant TRB Committee Chairs, preparation of technology roadmap concepts, and preparation of discussion points for research and deployment. Such discussion points would include deployment scenarios and use cases for discussion among industry, government, and academic participants.
The event agenda will include discussion of a high-level future mobility scenario (circa 2030), as well as multiple scenarios for technology deployment. Breakout groups will discuss these scenarios and consider potential use cases and research questions. Panels including new industry stakeholders, new government stakeholders, and cutting-edge research organizations will discuss barriers to deployment and means of accelerating learning. The contractor will identify and recommend people to fill key roles (e.g., speakers, moderators, panel members) during the event.
Breakout groups will be selected to incorporate the key elements of the CAV ecosystem as well as added elements representing the selected hot topics. The contractor should propose scopes for the breakout groups for the Project Panel’s consideration.
The event program and breakout discussions will explore collaborative options among the private sector, public sector, and academia; identify new participants in these potential collaborations; and identify research needs of public agencies related to these transformational technologies. This will include the introduction of an accelerated research program with two essential components: (1) Research prospectuses that describe high-priority research and deployment themes, key research questions, and actionable problem statements; and (2) Studies that model deployment plans for specific functionalities to be deployed in certain environments and to be developed more generally.
Task 4. Prepare presentation and handout materials for use at the event, including: (1) A white paper summarizing the state of the transformational technologies and including a 2030 mobility technology roadmap; and (2) Plenary PowerPoint® presentation for use at the event.
Task 5. Work closely with the Project Panel, TRB staff, and host organization staff for the effective conduct of the meeting.
Task 6. Prepare a summary of the symposium. The summary will include: (1) Roadmap of potential future research efforts related to the transformational technologies. The roadmap will describe individual research efforts (including title, objective, funds required) and show how these research efforts may interrelate. The roadmap developed for CV and AV in NCHRP Project 20-24(98) could be used as a template and that roadmap is expected to be updated based on the discussions at the planning event. (2) Options for pursuing collaborations among industry, government, and academia to conduct and share research needed by public agencies to prepare for, and perhaps influence, the development and deployment of transformational technologies that will affect transportation. (3) Other activities that may be useful to public agencies in managing or reacting to the deployment of these transformational technologies.

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