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ACRP 09-17 [Final]

Collecting, Applying, and Maintaining Pavement Condition Data at Airports

  Project Data
Funds: $250,000
Research Agency: Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
Principal Investigator: David Peshkin
Effective Date: 4/17/2017
Completion Date: 12/31/2018

ACRP Research Report 203: Collecting, Applying, and Maintaining Pavement Condition Data at Airports provides guidance for airports on best practices in collecting and using airfield pavement condition data. As part of the pavement management process this data is used to determine the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), which in turn is used to improve operations, maintenance, and capital improvement programs. The availability of guidance to help airports determine the best approaches to collect, apply, and maintain pavement condition data has not kept pace with rapid changes in the associated technology and this report was developed to address the need for guidance on the strategies available for pavement condition data collection, use, and storage. Decision tools (decision trees and matrices) are used to present appropriate strategies.
Many airports approach this topic differently, and with new technologies deployed, there will continue to be a broad range of practices. The guidelines presented will help those involved in airport pavement condition data to sort through associated decisions related to those practices.
Many airports have developed pavement management programs; however, there are challenges related to the collection and use of pavement condition data. Data is being collected in accordance with ATSM D5340, but by a number of different methods and at different levels: network-level evaluation, project evaluation, and maintenance and repair. The collection of pavement condition data and the reporting of (PCI) are time-consuming and expensive. Obstacles such as aircraft operations that limit the ability to collect the data may be addressed by evolving technologies. The data is used in a number of applications, including determining the need for maintenance and repair; however, the industry is not realizing the full value of the data being collected. Also, the data is frequently not reported in a manner that is easily usable by airports in creating their operational, maintenance and capital plans. Airports need better guidance to determine the best methods to use in the collection, interpretation, application, and maintenance of pavement condition data.
Research for the guidelines under ACRP Project 09-17 included surveys, interviews, and case studies. Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. led the research in association with Woolpert, Inc. and PMS, Ltd.  Seven case studies of pavement condition data practices highlight the range of approaches that are used, from small hub to large hub airports as well as by agencies responsible for managing multiple airports. 
The appendices provide a glossary, the case studies and decision tree example. They can be found on the report web page at ACRP Research Report 203
STATUS: Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. has been published as ACRP Research Report 203.   

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