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ACRP 11-08(16-03) [Final]

Forum on Airport Roles in Reducing Transmission of Communicable Diseases

  Project Data
Funds: $150,000
Research Agency: Eastern Research Group
Principal Investigator: John Wilhelmi
Effective Date: 12/13/2016
Completion Date: 6/1/2018

Airports are the global gateways for passengers and cargo via aircraft, usually the quickest way to get overseas from one continent to the other. In addition to carrying passengers’ luggage and commercial goods, aircraft can be the vehicle by which diseases can quickly spread around the world. The Transportation Research Board has conducted several studies on this topic. In 2007, Interagency-Aviation Industry Collaboration on planning for Pandemic Outbreak workshop was organized to explore the state-of-the-practice for pandemic planning by airports and airlines. In 2009, Research on Transmission of Disease in Airports and on Aircraft symposium was conducted that examined the current research related to the transmission of disease on aircraft and in airports. ACRP also conducted two research projects that has resulted in ACRP Report 91: Infectious Disease Mitigation in Airports and on Aircraft, which provides guidance to airports and air carriers to mitigating the risk of spreading disease, and ACRP CRP-CD-137: The Vector-Borne Disease Airport Importation Risk Tool, which is an interactive tool to assist airports and airlines in understanding their roles in reducing the spread and transmission of diseases.

The objectives of this research are to convene an industry forum and build upon the established knowledge to discuss the challenges airports face in reducing the transmission of communicable diseases, quantify data to determine the risk of specific infectious diseases for airlines and airports, identify specific measures to mitigate the transmissions of diseases, and implementation priorities and other potential solutions and/or areas for further research. The presenters will include public health officials, epidemiologists, and airline environmental and occupational health experts.

Status: This has been published as Conference Proceedings: Airport Roles in Reducing Transmission of Communicable Diseases

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