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ACRP 11-08(16-01) [Final]

Forum on Challenges to Implementing Successful Land Use Strategies at Airports

  Project Data
Effective Date: 11/9/2016
Completion Date: 12/31/2017

Successful land use strategies generally consist of encouraging compatible land uses around airports. Land use planning and controls surrounding airports are often the responsibility of the local governments, with the surrounding jurisdictions in many cases having no ties to the airport facilities. Even in instances where the airport and local land uses are controlled by the same governmental entity, the airport may have little influence and the government little ability to adequately control land uses near the airport. The pressure to develop near airports can be significant and planning and land use considerations are often decided without considering the airport’s future development needs and ongoing operational requirements. As airports and the FAA continue to refine airfield layouts and approach and departure procedures, respectively, the determination of what is compatible both today and in the future continues to be challenging. Given the magnitude and variety of the challenges to controlling land uses around airports, research is needed to provide airports, communities, and developers with information and tools to protect and improve land uses around airports.
The objectives of this research were to convene an industry forum to discuss the key challenges to airports associated with influencing land uses around their facilities. Presenters included airports, regions, and states that have successfully implemented effective land use controls around airports or other facilities that are incompatible with a range of land uses. Topics included strategies for improving the ability of airports to control or influence land uses in their vicinity and guidance for airports and communities in successfully collaborating with developers and similar entities.

Status: The event has taken place on April 10 and 11, 2018. The presentations can be found here: https://www.trb.org/ACRP/ACRP-Insight-Event-Landuse.aspx

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