The National Academies

TCRP H-53 [Final]

Tools for a Sustainable Transit Agency

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: ICF International
Principal Investigator: Frank Galivan
Effective Date: 10/23/2015
Completion Date: 10/22/2017


The topic of sustainability is expansive, including environmental, economic, and social concerns. Many transit agencies have established sustainability programs and provide examples of how to structure a program, develop a plan, and implement sustainability strategies. Other transit agencies have a high level of interest in improving their sustainability, but have not yet established a robust program.  An improved understanding of how to fully integrate sustainability into transit agency decision making and operations could help transit agencies overcome these barriers. Tools dedicated to establishing and improving sustainability programs at transit agencies would provide a central resource on sustainability and would supplement the resources provided by APTA and other organizations interested in sustainability. The tools would also enable transit agencies to measure the impacts of sustainability projects and programs. 
The objective of this research is to develop tools to address how environmental, economic, and social sustainability objectives can be established and implemented by transit agencies. The tools should help transit agencies formulate, plan, finance, and integrate agency-specific sustainability strategies that improve transit performance and the livability and vitality of their communities. The research should provide transit agencies with information and ready-access to methods, tools, and examples of best practices to fully develop and implement a sustainability program,. 

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