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NCHRP 20-65/Task 52 [Completed]

Selected Indirect Benefits of State Investment in Public Transportation
[ NCHRP 20-65 (Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Public Transportation) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $50,000
Research Agency: Cambridge Systematics
Principal Investigator: Paula Dowell
Effective Date: 4/22/2013
Completion Date: 4/21/2014

In order to expedite project delivery, reduce grantee costs, and better align the highway and transit project approval processes, states are looking for opportunities to accelerate the transit project approval process.  The preliminary focus of states to date has been to work towards separating the process between routine and recurring state of good repair activities (replacement of buses and rollingstock, preventive maintenance, facility components and other transit related equipment) from activities requiring extensive federal review (facility construction, other activities requiring NEPA). There is considerable interest on the part of the public transportation section of the state DOT in exploring alternative forms of grant approval processes that would accelerate the process for seeking approval of transit projects and their potential benefits. 

The objective of this research is to produce a document that: (1) describes the technical limitations, administrative barriers and/or legal restrictions of FTA’s current project approval process; and (2) describes the benefits and limitations to alternative grant approval processes improvements/changes.

STATUS:  Completed. Published as NCHRP Research Results Digest 393

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