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NCHRP 20-94 [Completed]

Development of a Formalized Process for the Adoption, Development, Maintenance, and Enhancement of TransXML Schemas

  Project Data
Funds: $100,000
Research Agency: TRB Technical Activities Division
Principal Investigator: Tom Palmerlee
Effective Date: 5/1/2013
Completion Date: 5/1/2014
Comments: Completed

Transportation agencies have recognized the value of XML, and are developing their own XML formats or “schemas” to facilitate data exchange across applications. A collective, broad-based approach to this problem—TransXML – has been created to reduce the need for multiple efforts of this nature. TransXML provides an open, vendor-neutral format for storing, exchanging, and archiving data. A collective approach such as TransXML will enable and encourage software vendors to build in standard data import and export features consistent with the agreed-upon formats. This gives agencies more choices, and will reduce the costs of configuring and implementing new applications.   The aim of this project was  to conduct a workshop and develop conference proceedings that would:
  • Define stakeholders in TransXML. Address the inclusion of industry stakeholders and schema users into the process of schema development and review.
  • Define roles and responsibilities of the JTCEED as related to the adoption and approval of schemas and schema changes.
  • Suggest a process for managing additional development of new XML schemas to be added into the TransXML framework.
  • Suggest a process for maintenance and enhancement of existing XML schemas that are part of the TransXML framework. This should include requests from stakeholders for changes to schemas, proposals for formal changes to a schema area, and methods to deal with reported errors or omissions in TransXML schema as developed today.
  • Provide a road map to a definition of an industry-standard comment process to allow stakeholders the opportunity to make comments on a schema change prior to adoption.
  • Suggest formal adoption procedures that mesh with other existing AASHTO committees’ approval processes.
  • Develop a road map of future research to facilitate documentation to support these processes including an updatable comprehensive schema map of TransXML, a process definition in layman’s terms for stakeholders to understand how to change or enhance schema, a documentation of the adoption process in an easy-to-understand flowchart, and any documentation necessary to implement a formal-web based comment and ratification process for schema additions and changes.

The conference proceedings are available here.

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