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ACRP 09-05 [Final]

Guidance on Successful Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) Selection and Practices

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: Ross & Baruzzini
Principal Investigator: Pam Bell
Effective Date: 7/12/2012
Completion Date: 7/1/2014

Computer Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are an efficient and effective tool for airports to manage maintenance activities which can be defined in many different ways with different components. Outputs from a CMMS can be inputs to any number of different airport functions, such as budgeting, capital planning, and setting of rates and charges. With a number of different off-the-shelf CMMS software packages available; an assortment of features, functions, capabilities, and add-on components; advancing technology; and airports with different resources and needs, it can be overwhelming for airport staff to understand and evaluate the best solution for their airport when selecting a CMMS that will work now and in the future.Choosing the right software however is only the beginning, as there are many other factors that ensure a successful CMMS in terms of implementation, ongoing operations, and support and maintenance. 
The objective of this research was to provide guidance to airport staff in (1) selecting a CMMS that will best meet their individual needs and (2) successfully integrating the CMMS into airport processes, procedures, and other information technology systems.
STATUS: The guidance has been published as a Web-Only Document 23: Guidance on Successful Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) Selection and Practices.   An Evaluation Tool can also be found that assist airports with defining their requirements for a CMMS.

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