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SHRP 2 C37 [Completed]

Develop a Marketing and Communications Plan for TCAPP

  Project Data
Funds: $299,976
Research Agency: Burns & McDonnell
Principal Investigator: Julie Lorenz
Effective Date: 4/11/2012
Completion Date: 10/31/2013

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Impact on Practice
Product Status
TCAPP : A Collaborative Decision-Making Framework 
A robust web-based tool that can be used as a trouble-shooting guide or a roadmap for changing a transportation agency’s process when planning and developing highway projects. TCAPP helps navigate critical decision points for long-range transportation planning, corridor planning, programming, and environmental review and permitting, when project delays can be avoided.
By ensuring that the right people are engaged at the right time with the right information, projects move ahead without delays that often arise when decisions must be deferred or revisited. TCAPP’s Decision Guide provides a framework for consistently delivering projects that address a community’s economic, mobility, and environmental goals.  
Transportation for Communities—Advancing Projects through Partnerships (TCAPP) integrates many Capacity research products. TCAPP and supporting case studies are available at the beta website www.transportationforcommunities.com.

The C01 report is online at https://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/166046.aspx.

Project C37 was designed to create a marketing and outreach plan for TCAPP.  A white paper on marketing and branding is forthcoming.
Staff Responsibility: David Plazak
The Transportation for Communities—Advancing Projects through Partnerships (TCAPP) web tool is the web-based delivery system for the Framework. TCAPP will also be the delivery system for other products from Capacity research projects—including projects C02 (A Systems-Based Performance Measurement Framework for Highway Capacity Decision Making), C06A (Integration of Conservation, Highway Planning, and Environmental Permitting Using an Outcome-Based Ecosystem Approach), C06B (Integration of Conservation, Highway Planning, and Environmental Permitting Through Development of an Outcome-Based Ecosystem-Scale Approach and Corresponding Credit System), and C09 (Incorporating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Into the Collaborative Decision-Making Process). 
A marketing and communications plan for building awareness and encouraging beta use of the system is needed so that TCAPP can continue to be improved and eventually be used in mainstream professional practice. Prior to the development of the marketing and outreach plans, the project involved the convening of a set of focus groups of existing and potential TCAPP users and others as needed. It also included organizing and conducting a product implementation workshop. The product implementation workshop involved selected TCAPP partners and stakeholders in identifying specific activities necessary to implement the TCAPP product, e.g. to move it from a beta test product to being commonly used in the planning, programming, and environmental clearance of new highway capacity projects. The workshop was intended to serve as the foundation upon which the marketing and communication plan is built.
The contract scope was modified to provide support for TCAPP assessment workshop facilitation and TCAPP branding. 
Status: The project is complete.
Product Availability: A white paper on marketing and branding is forthcoming.
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