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NCHRP 24-20(02) [Completed]

Evaluation of Abutment-Scour Equations from NCHRP Projects 24-15(2) and 24-20 Using Field Data

  Project Data
Funds: $245,000
Research Agency: USGS
Principal Investigator: Stephen T. Benedict
Effective Date: 10/1/2012
Completion Date: 7/1/2015
Comments: Completed. An uncorrected draft, as submitted by the Contractor, is posted on line with a link in the Product Availability section at the bottom of this page.

The primary objective of this investigation is to test and evaluate the abutment-scour prediction methods developed in the NCHRP Projects 24-15(2) and 24-20, using USGS field data. The USGS field data will include the 324 abutment-scour measurements collected in South Carolina (Benedict, 2003), Maine (Lombard and Hodgkins, 2008), and the USGS National Bridge Scour Database (NBSD; https://water.usgs.gov/osw/techniques/bs/BSDMS/index.html, accessed May 14, 2009; Wagner et al., 2006) summarized in table 1. Results from the analysis will identify performance characteristics for each scour-prediction method and will help formulate application guidance. The USGS abutment- and contraction-scour field data used to test the newly-developed NCHRP scour-prediction methods primarily represents scour associated with clear-water scour conditions. Therefore, findings in this investigation will be limited to this type of scour.

Product Availability:
An uncorrected draft, as submitted by the Contractor is posted

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