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SHRP 2 L13A [Completed]

Design and Implement a System for Archiving and Disseminating Data from SHRP 2 Reliabilities and Related Studies/ Assistance to Contractors to Archive their Data for Reliability Projects

  Project Data
Funds: $1,474,336
Research Agency: Berkeley Transportation Systems, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Karl Petty
Effective Date: 6/24/2011
Completion Date: 12/31/2014

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Impact on Practice
Product Status

An archive that will permit the input, retention, and extraction of all structured and unstructured data used or produced by SHRP 2 Reliability related research. The archive has powerful tools for visualizing the data and can potentially ingest other reliability data or research results. The data is expected to endure for at least 25 years.
The archive is likely to be an important resource for researchers. Planners and practitioners with a strong analytic bent are likely to directly benefit, also. The value of the data in the archive is expected to evolve as researchers extract data and enter the results of new reliability research. Travel time reliability on the roads should improve due to this resource.
The final report, S2-L13-RW-1: Requirements and Feasibility of a System for Archiving and Disseminating Data from SHRP 2 Reliability and Related Studies, is available as an Adobe PDF document.

The web-based archive is completed.

Staff Responsibility: William Hyman
The main objective for the L13A project is to make all data in all forms gathered in each of the SHRP 2 Reliability focus area research projects available via the Internet to researchers and others for purposes such as independent validation of SHRP 2 research results and for use in extending travel time reliability research. The data archive should also be designed to include data from a handful of projects from other SHRP 2 focus areas that also address travel time reliability. It is expected that the archive will mainly include “non-sensitive” data developed or enhanced by SHRP 2 contractors so that the data contained in it can be accessed and downloaded in an open manner via the Internet; however, some issues involving data confidentiality and data ownership may arise and will need to be resolved. This may necessitate means to administratively lock down selected data for some users.
Sub-objectives of the L13A project are to:
  • Design and develop an intuitive, easy-to-navigate user interface for the archive through which the target audience(s) can discover and download data and other archive contents to meet their needs, whether for research or practice.
  • Develop an open, transferable, scalable, and flexible information system to archive and document all existing and anticipated SHRP 2 Reliability focus area data plus data from selected Capacity and Renewal projects. [See Special Note C]
  • Provide assistance as necessary to other relevant SHRP 2 contractors on a case-by-case basis to help prepare metadata for their project data and archive it in a way that makes it accessible, understandable, and useful for the target audience(s).
  • Build interactive features into the data archive such that travel time reliability researchers and practitioners can discuss datasets and their use and share information and lessons learned. Interactive features should also allow users to provide web links to other external data sources that researchers and practitioners may find useful.
  • Operate, maintain, improve, and extend the archive system throughout the life of the SHRP 2 Program.
  • Develop a marketing, outreach, and training strategy and implement it in order to make potential users of the data archive aware of its availability and instruct them in its use.
  • Develop a plan for the eventual transfer of ownership of the reliability data archive to a new agency or institution near the end of the SHRP 2 program.
Project Status: This project is complete.
Product Availability: Requirements and Feasibility of a System for Archiving and Disseminating Data from SHRP 2 Reliability and Related Studies S2-L13-RW-1 was published in June 2011.

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