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TCRP Synthesis J-07/Topic SE-06 [Final (Synthesis)]

Elevator and Escalator Maintenance Practices
[ TCRP J-07 (Synthesis of Information Related to Transit Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $42,000
Staff Responsibility: Donna L. Vlasak
Effective Date: 7/1/2010
Fiscal Year: 2010

TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 100: Elevator and Escalator Maintenance and Safety Practices documents elevator and escalator maintenance activities, safety practices, and passenger communication efforts at five U.S. transit agencies.

The five agencies where information was gathered are MARTA (Atlanta, Georgia), NYCTA (New York, New York), SEPTA (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), CTA (Chicago, Illinois), and BART (San Francisco, California). These five agencies together operate 1,418 elevators and escalators throughout 850 rail stations.

Together, they are part of a U.S. Federal Transit Administration-sponsored consortium with the American Public Transportation Association, Amalgamated Transit Union, and the Learning Center, engaged in developing a Transit Elevator/Escalator Maintenance Training and Apprenticeship Program.

The following four appendixes to TCRP Synthesis 100 are available in electronic format only. Links to the appendixes are below.
BART Elevator PM, 59
BART Escalator PM, 254
BART El-Es Training 1, 507
BART El-Es Training 2, 556

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