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NCHRP 20-59(41) [Completed]

Legal Definition of 'First Responder'

  Project Data
Research Agency: TRB Technical Activities Division
Principal Investigator: James B. McDaniel

Status: Complete.  Published as NCHRP Research Results Digest (RRD) 385: The Legal Definitions of "First Responder"

This digest presents the results of NCHRP Project 20-59(41), "Legal Definition of 'First Responder'." The research was conducted by Lew R. C. Bricker, Esquire, and Tanya N. Petermann, Esquire, of Smith Amundsen, Chicago, IL; Margaret Hines, Esquire; and Jocelyn Sands, J.D. James B. McDaniel, Esquire, was the Principal Investigator.

This digest was prepared to answer the following questions: first, whether there is a definition of the term "first responder" in federal law, and second, if there is a definition in federal law, what is the definition's effect on the distribution of federal grant funding. This digest also contains an analysis of grants available from the federal government to aid state and local government entities in preparing for and responding to natural or manmade disasters and emergencies (i.e., grants that would be available to those who might be considered "first responders"). The grant programs are analyzed and described in terms of general information about each grant's guidelines for applicants and administration.

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