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NCHRP 10-67 [Completed]

Texturing of Concrete Pavements

  Project Data
Funds: $499,994
Research Agency: ERES Consultants/A Division of Applied Research Associates, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jim W. Hall
Effective Date: 8/20/2004
Completion Date: 12/31/2008

BACKGROUND: Tining--a means of texturing newly constructed concrete pavements--is generally performed to enhance pavement-surface macrotexture to improve pavement-surface frictional characteristics and reduce potential for hydroplaning, skidding, and wet-weather crashes. However, there is a concern that the use of tining has evolved without adequate consideration of the effects on noise generation, long-term durability, smoothness, constructibility, pavement serviceability, and cost effectiveness. In addition, there are other options for texturing concrete pavements that might provide better performance and yield environmental and economic benefits.

There are no widely accepted guidelines or procedures for identifying and selecting methods of texturing concrete pavements that consider relevant technical, environmental, economic, and safety issues. Research is needed to develop a rational procedure for use by highway agency personnel in identifying and selecting appropriate texturing methods for concrete pavements.

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this research is to recommend appropriate methods for texturing concrete pavements for specific applications and ranges of climatic, site, and traffic conditions. These methods shall include tining and other means of texturing fresh and hardened concrete for the purpose of enhancing surface frictional characteristics.

Status: The project is complete.  The final report has been published as NCHRP Report 634: Texturing of Concrete Pavements which documents the work performed under this project; copies have been distributed to Program sponsors (i.e., state departments of transportation). 

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