The National Academies

NCHRP 20-86 [Completed]

Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Skilled Staff for Transportation System Operations and Management

  Project Data
Funds: $225,000
Research Agency: ICF Consulting, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Brian Cronin
Effective Date: 4/6/2010
Completion Date: 4/5/2011

The AASHTO Highway Subcommittee on Systems Operations and Management defines SOM specifically as “an integrated program designed to make the best use of existing highway infrastructure through provision of systems and services that preserve and improve performance.” State departments of transportation, metropolitan planning organizations, corridor coalitions, and other transportation agencies are being called on increasingly to expand their activities beyond the more traditional design and construction functions most closely associated with civil engineering to the broader and more diverse tasks of SOM.  While many transportation agencies view SOM as an increasing priority, they are encountering a shortage of management, professional, and technical staff with appropriate skills and knowledge. Retirement of transportation practitioners will deplete the ranks of qualified transportation professionals. The objective of this research was to provide transportation agencies with strategies and resources to meet their needs for SOM staff. The research considered the potential demand for and supply of SOM workforce; the actions transportation agencies may take to attract, recruit, develop, and retain skilled staff with SOM capabilities; and the tools that are available or may be developed to assist agencies to take action.

The project is complete and the final report has been published as NCHRP Report 693.

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