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NCHRP 08-79 [Final]

Producing Transportation Data Products from the American Community Survey that Comply with Disclosure Rules

  Project Data
Funds: $549,991
Research Agency: Westat
Principal Investigator: Thomas Krenzke
Effective Date: 1/7/2010
Completion Date: 8/31/2011
Comments: Completed, Final Report published as Web-Only Document 180

The objective of this research was to develop, evaluate, and test credible techniques to produce specially tabulated CTPP-data products using 5-year ACS data that satisfy the Census Bureau Disclosure protection rules.  Tasks included: 
(1). Review of Census Bureau's rules on 5-year tabulations from ACS and the implication of these rules on the availability of data to satisfy transportation planning needs.  
(2).  Review of current and emerging disclosure avoidance techniques to identify promising techniques.
(3).  On-site research at the U.S. Census Bureau to identify credible data techniques
(4).  Development of a list of tests, methods, and metrics to evaluate the quality of the resulting data.
(5). Implementation of techniques identified for a number of diverse  areas and the specific 5-year (e.g., accumulation of 2005-2009 ACS data) dataset identified by the panel.
(6). Development of a method that could be implemented on a nationwide basis.

The final report detailing techniques that could be used along with a suite of computer programs, specifications, and other documentation that could be used to implement the procedure on the U.S. Census Bureau’s software platform is available here.

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