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SHRP 2 C19 [Completed]

Add Expedited-Schedule Case Studies to the Collaborative Decision-Making Framework Database

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Funds: $299,831
Research Agency: Parametrix, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Jeff Heilman
Effective Date: 9/1/2009
Completion Date: 6/30/2011

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24 strategies for addressing or avoiding 16 common constraints to speed delivery of transportation planning and environmental review projects.

When transportation improvements fail to materialize, project costs and road user costs can escalate while public perception of agency performance deteriorates. Agencies can use these strategies to anticipate where delays are likely to occur and minimize delays during all phases of project development.
These strategies and tools are the basis for the Expediting Project Delivery Assessment Tool, a user-friendly assessment tool that is available in TCAPP. The report is available at http://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/165282.aspx

Staff Responsibility: Stephen J. Andrle

Transportation for Communities—Advancing Projects through Partnerships (TCAPP) is the cornerstone product of the SHRP 2 Capacity program area. One of the more compelling reasons that departments of transportation and other transportation agencies may be interested in adopting TCAPP is that it could lead to expediting schedules for major capacity projects. The case studies that were already part of TCAPP focused on the benefits of collaboration to correctly identify the nature of a transportation problem (which is often not what it seems) and find the best transportation, environmental, and community solutions. Successful collaboration can also support faster completion because there may be less opposition to the project if the collaboration process resolves many community and environmental issues early.

The main objective of this project was to describe tools, techniques, and strategies to expedite delivery of highway capacity projects and programs of projects based on review of selected case studies.

This project added to the growing body of research and understanding about expediting transportation project delivery, focusing in particular on the early planning, corridor planning, programming, and environmental phases of delivery. The project identified common types of bottlenecks, identified specific strategies that can address these bottlenecks, and documented case studies that provide further illustration of how these bottlenecks have been encountered and successfully addressed. Strategies implemented in the early phases typically provide expediting benefits in subsequent phases of project delivery. Key results from this project were incorporated into TCAPP.

Status: The project is complete.

Product Availability: SHRP 2 Report S2-C19-RR-1: Expedited Planning and Environmental Review of Highway Projects is available as a PDF and in hardcopy through the TRB bookstore. TCAPP can be accessed at http://www.transportationforcommunities.com.

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