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NCHRP 24-11(02) [Completed]

Guidelines for Geofoam Applications in Slope Stability Projects

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: University of Memphis
Principal Investigator: Dr. David Arellano
Effective Date: 10/2/2006
Completion Date: 9/30/2011
Comments: Research Results Digest. 380: Guidelines for Geofoam Applications in Slope Stability Projects

This report presents the results of a study performed to develop a comprehensive document that provides both state-of-the-art knowledge and state-of-practice design guidance to facilitate the use of EPS-block geofoam for slope stabilization and repair. This report includes the following five primary research products: (1) summary of relevant engineering properties, (2) a comprehensive design guideline, (3) a material and construction standard, (4) economic data, and (5) a detailed numerical design example.

In addition to these primary research products, an overview of construction tasks that are frequently encountered during EPS-block geofoam slope projects and a summary of case histories that provides examples of cost-effective and successful EPS-block geofoam slope stabilization projects completed in the U.S. is provided. The purpose of this report is to provide those who have primary involvement with roadway embankment projects, including the following five groups: design professionals, manufacturers/suppliers, contractors, regulators, and owners, with design guidance for use of EPS-block geofoam in slope stabilization and repair. The end users of the research include engineers, who perform the design and develop specifications, and owners, including the FHWA, state DOTs, and local county and city transportation departments that own, operate, and maintain the roadway.

The final report for Project 24-11(02) has been published as RRD 380 Guidelines for Geofoam Applications in Slope Stability Projects and is available here.

The Contractor's Final Report, including Appendices is located here.

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