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NCHRP 10-46 [Completed]

Corrosion of Steel Piling in Nonmarine Applications

  Project Data
Funds: $299,061
Research Agency: CC Technologies
Principal Investigator: John A. Beavers
Effective Date: 3/20/1995
Completion Date: 5/31/1997

Under NCHRP Project 10-46, CC Technologies Laboratories, Inc. prepared an assessment of the magnitude of the problem of corrosion of steel piling in non-marine applications and a strategic research plan to develop means to determine the condition and to estimate the useful life of steel piling. A "Recommended Practice" was prepared for assessing the environmental conditions causing corrosion of steel piling, for evaluating the present condition of steel piling, and for estimating the expected service life of new and existing piling. The recommended practice has been published as AASHTO Provisional Standard PP36-97.

Historically, steel piling has been used to support structures without concern for loss of section from corrosion. In many cases, existing steel-pile foundations are used to support rehabilitated structures without an assessment of the piling condition. Steel piles exposed during some recent bridge-pier construction operations have revealed severe corrosion damage. Bridge engineers and owners want guidance on the condition evaluation of existing steel piling, on the estimated useful life of steel piling, and on steel piling performance models.

The objectives of this study were to determine the magnitude of the problem of corrosion of steel piling in soil, to assess and synthesize the state of knowledge for evaluating and predicting steel piling corrosion, to recommend practices for corrosion evaluation, to develop prediction models for the useful life of steel piling and to develop a strategic plan. The findings of the study are fully documented in NCHRP Report 408, Corrosion of Steel Pilings in Nonmarine Environments.

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