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NCHRP 10-44 [Completed]

Nondestructive Testing to Determine Insitu Material Properties of Pavement Layers

  Project Data
Funds: $160,000
Research Agency: Brent Rauhut Engineering
Principal Investigator: Harold L. Von Quintus
Effective Date: 4/3/1995
Completion Date: 6/30/1997

The project identified insitu material properties necessary to characterize pavement layers, reviewed current practices relative to nondestructive (NDT) test methods for measuring insitu material properties, compiled a summary of the methods currently used or under development, evaluated potential methods for measuring the insitu material properties of pavements, and presented a plan for an experimental investigation to further evaluate and validate these methods.

Because of the effects of temperature, moisture, and traffic on pavement materials, knowledge of the insitu material properties of pavement layers is essential for evaluating the effective structural capacity of the pavement and selecting an appropriate rehabilitation strategy. Although destructive and nondestructive tests are used for field testing and evaluating pavement layers, NDT is usually preferred in evaluating pavements. However, experience has shown that these techniques may not provide an accurate characterization of the insitu material properties, particularly those of the top pavement layer. Thus, research is needed to evaluate existing NDT methods and to identify or develop suitable methods for determining the insitu material properties of pavement layers. This project provided the initial step in the process toward achieving this objective. Further research will be performed under NCHRP Project 10-44A.

Research included a review of relevant domestic and foreign literature, identification of test methods for use in measuring insitu material properties of pavements, and an evaluation of potential NDT methods.

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