The National Academies

NCHRP 10-43 [Completed]

Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Maintenance

  Project Data
Funds: $278,000
Research Agency: A. G. Lichtenstein & Assoc.
Principal Investigator: Charles M. Minervino
Effective Date: 2/1/1994
Completion Date: 6/30/1997

The product of this study is the Manual for Movable Bridge Inspection, Evaluation, and Maintenance published by AASHTO. The manual provides guidance on all elements of movable bridges

There are several documents that include information on the design, maintenance, inspection and evaluation of the unique features found on movable bridges. Nevertheless, because of the complexity and specialized nature of such bridges, it is appropriate to update, augment, and consolidate available information. Research was needed to determine and document the best approach for inspection, evaluation, and maintenance of these bridges. Thus, a thorough review of current technology and recently completed and ongoing research was progressed to produce state-of-the art guidance on assessment and condition reporting of movable bridge features .

In developing the manual, consideration was given to current codes and practice, as well as to recently completed and ongoing research. The manual was prepared in a flexible format to allow for future revisions and it includes appropriate report forms. The manual focuses on aspects of movable bridges that are different from fixed bridges (e.g., mechanical and electrical systems, operations, and safety) and avoids duplication of existing material for fixed bridges. The manual also includes consideration of evaluation procedures that are applicable to bridge management systems.

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