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NCHRP Synthesis 20-05/Topic 40-01 [Final (Synthesis)]

Recycled Materials and Byproducts in Highway Applications
[ NCHRP 20-05 (Synthesis of Information Related to Highway Practices) ]

  Project Data
Funds: $35,000
Staff Responsibility: Jon M. Williams
Research Agency: California State University
Principal Investigator: Mary Stroup-Gardiner
Effective Date: 10/1/2008
Completion Date: 6/24/2013
Fiscal Year: 2008

TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 435: Recycled Materials and Byproducts in Highway Applications—Summary Report, Volume 1 summarizes the results of a project that describes the experiences of transportation agencies in determining the relevant properties of recycled materials and industrial byproducts and the beneficial use for highway applications.

NCHRP Synthesis 435 is presented in eight volumes and is designed to help serve as a guide to states revising the provisions of their materials specifications to incorporate the use of recycled materials and industrial byproducts.

Volume 1 is available in print and electronic versions. Volumes 2 to 8 are in electronic format only. The eight volumes are:
Volume 1 Recycled Materials and Byproducts in Highway Applications—Summary Report
Volume 2 Coal Combustion Byproducts
Volume 3 Non-Coal Combustion Byproducts
Volume 4 Mineral and Quarry Byproducts
Volume 5 Slag Byproducts
Volume 6 Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement, Recycled Concrete Aggregate, and Construction Demolition Waste
Volume 7 Scrap Tire Byproducts
Volume 8 Manufacturing and Construction Byproducts

NCHRP Synthesis 435 website with links to all 8 volumes is available.

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