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NCHRP 10-35 [Completed]

Fatigue Behavior of Welded and Mechanical Splices in Reinforcing Steel

  Project Data
Funds: $300,000
Research Agency: Wiss, Janney, Elstner Assoc., Inc.
Principal Investigator: Conrad Paulson and John M. Hansen
Effective Date: 11/1/1987
Completion Date: 4/30/1991

An increasing number of bridges are being rehabilitated and widened in order to accommodate increasing traffic volumes and loads. In order to transfer reinforcing steel stresses from the newly repaired or widened concrete to the original structure, welded or mechanical splices are required during construction. The objective of this research was to assess the fatigue behavior of typical welded or mechanical reinforcing steel splices and to develop practical fatigue design guidelines for situations where the splices must be used in regions of cyclic tension stress. The research included fatigue testing of a number of generic splice types and the development of recommended specifications and prequalification procedures.

Research was completed in late 1991, and the final report was submitted in early 1992. The report includes specification recommendations, which may be considered by AASHTO in mid-1996. The report and its recommendations are summarized in NCHRP Research Results Digest 197. The agency final report was not published in the regular NCHRP report series but is available here.

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