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NCHRP 10-33 [Completed]

Potential Benefits of Geosynthetics in Flexible Pavement Systems

  Project Data
Funds: $100,000
Research Agency: Georgia Tech Research Corporation
Principal Investigator: Dr. Richard D. Barksdale
Effective Date: 1/6/1986
Completion Date: 12/15/1988

This study was primarily concerned with the reinforcement of the aggregate base of a surfaced, flexible pavement system using geosynthetics (i.e., geotextiles and geogrids). Separation, filtration, and durability were also considered. Specific methods of reinforcement that were evaluated included: (1) placing the reinforcement within the base, (2) pretensioning a geosynthetic within the base, and (3) prerutting the aggregate base with and without reinforcement. Both large-scale laboratory tests and an analytical sensitivity study were conducted. Recommendations were also made for full-scale field studies.

Research is complete, and the principal findings have been published in NCHRP Report 315, "Potential Benefits of Geosynthetics in Flexible Pavements." Additional details on the laboratory tests and the analytical study plus plans for full-scale field tests are available in an agency report titled, "Supplement to NCHRP 315, Potential Benefits of Geosynthetics in Flexible Pavements." The supplemental report was distributed to NCHRP sponsors only.

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