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NCHRP 10-13 [Completed]

Ultrasonic Measurement of Weld Flaw Size

  Project Data
Funds: $376,000
Research Agency: The Welding Institute (England)
Principal Investigator: Timothy J. Jessop, Peter J. Mudge
Effective Date: 7/1/1979
Completion Date: 8/31/1985

The overall objective of this study was to identify or develop, and to validate, ultrasonic testing procedures for accurate measurement of flaw dimensions that will allow fracture-mechanics analysis.

This study was addressed primarily to evaluation of complete joint penetration groove welds containing planar-type flaws such as cracks or incomplete fusion.

In the first phase of research, laboratory tests on intentionally flawed specimens were used to determine the applicability and limitations of AWS D1.1-80 ultrasonic testing procedures for measuring the dimensions of flaws in welds. Phase I also included an evaluation of procedures that extend available ultrasonic techniques and have a potential for accurate measurement of flaws typically found in structural weldments. The accuracy, precision, reliability, and reproduceability of the time-of-flight and probe movement techniques were investigated.

The final report on Phase I has been published as: NCHRP Report 242, "Ultrasonic Measurement of Weld Flaw Size."

The Phase II objectives were to develop recommendations for applications of tandem-probe techniques for the characterization of vertical, planar defects and to refine the time-of-flight system for sizing through-thickness flaw dimensions.

The research in this second phase included a review of all relevant literature and test data in order to develop a more realistic means of assessing vertical planar defects within the framework of the currently used AWS D1.1 code. Time-of-flight equipment was designed and assembled and subsequently evaluated in the laboratory in order to establish the accuracy of the equipment in measuring through-thickness dimensions for a variety of weld defects. Finally, a field evaluation of the equipment was performed in order to establish its accuracy and applicability, as well as to provide recommended procedures for use.

The Phase II final report will not be published, but copies of the agency's final draft report were distributed to NCHRP sponsors in early 1989.

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