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SHRP 2 S02 [Completed]

Integrate Methods and Develop Analysis Plan

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Funds: $417,654
Research Agency: University of Iowa
Principal Investigator: Daniel V. McGehee
Effective Date: 1/28/2008
Completion Date: 3/1/2010

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Product Status

A compilation of priority research topics and sample plans for analyzing the data collected in the naturalistic driving study.
The project developed a list of more than 400 research topics, identified the highest-priority research questions, and developed five sample work plans for addressing those questions. This work produced useful background information for analyses of the high-priority traffic safety areas using NDS data.
The report is available at www.trb.org/Publications/Blurbs/166051.aspx  

Staff Responsibility: Kenneth Campbell

SHRP 2 Safety research is conducting a naturalistic driving study (NDS) that monitors drivers in their cars.

The objective of this project is to integrate the results of the S01 projects, which developed analysis methods for NDS data, and produce an analysis plan for the in-vehicle field studies.

The Project S02 research team developed a recommended list of essential elements to be covered in the SHRP 2 analysis project work plans. Recommendations are based on a detailed review of the analytical methods used by project S01 (Development of Analysis Methods Using Recent Data) and S05 (Design of the In-Vehicle Driving Behavior and Crash Risk Study) research teams, and on the project S02 (Integration of Analysis Methods and Development of Analysis Plan) team’s expertise in this area. Example work plans were offered to illustrate the type of information that is relevant to a proposed work plan as well as methodological issues specific to that research question. These plans outline some of the more important considerations and basic elements, and they illustrate some of the fundamental challenges that researchers must address in using naturalistic driving study data to answer driving safety research questions. These sample plans may also be used by researchers as guides to the type of key information that will be required in project S08 (Analysis of In-Vehicle Field Study Data and Countermeasure Implications Project).

The research team anticipates that crashes in the NDS will be rare. Thus, an important research area underlying many of the other analyses is the determination of appropriate crash surrogate measures. Identifying crash surrogates that can be proven to be sensitive to the same contributing factors as actual crashes represents a central unresolved challenge for using naturalistic driving data to address safety issues.

Status: The project is complete.

Product Availability: Research Report S2-S02-RW-1 is only available as an Adobe PDF.

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