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NCHRP 08-36/Task 034 [Completed]

Incorporating Security into the Transportation Planning Process
[ NCHRP 08-36 (Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning) ]

  Project Data
Funds: 50000
Research Agency: AECOM Consulting Transportation Group
Principal Investigator: Raymond Ellis
Effective Date: 8/15/2003
Completion Date: 2/29/2004
Comments: Completed---Published as NCHRP Report 525, Volume 3

The objective of this task is to develop a guidance document to assist transportation planners in addressing security-related issues in transportation planning for surface modes. The document should identify long term security related issues that transportation planners should be thinking about and provide guidance on how to deal with each issue including types of analyses that are appropriate, who needs to be involved in the planning effort, and what outcomes could typically be expected from the planning effort. The issues to be addressed in the guidance document will be derived from the panel session that is to be held at the TRB Annual Meeting on security issues and transportation planning, as well as other issues that are identified through discussions with transportation planners who are dealing with this issue. A preliminary list of some of the issues include:
  • An identification of the most vulnerable transportation facilities to terrorist attack;
  • What can be done over the long term to reduce the vulnerability of key transportation facilities; Development of long term contingency plans if certain key transportation facilities are closed for extended periods;
  • The effect of increased long term security at entrances to key intermodal facilities such as airports, ports, and rail terminals on access routes into these facilities;
  • The effect of increased security measures on the transportation system in the vicinity of military bases and other sensitive governmental installations;
  • The significance of redundancy and resiliency of the transportation system as a goal in transportation planning;
  • The implications of long term security issues on transportation investment decisions; and
  • What agencies need to be involved in planning for long term security issues and how do those that have not traditionally been involved in the transportation planning process become involved.

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