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NCHRP 08-36/Task 032 [Completed]

Tools, Techniques, and Methods in Rural Transportation Planning
[ NCHRP 08-36 (Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning) ]

  Project Data
Funds: 100000
Research Agency: Cambridge Systematics
Principal Investigator: Stephen Decker
Effective Date: 12/3/2002
Completion Date: 1/31/2004
Comments: Completed---Final report sent to AASHTO

This project will research successful applications of tools, techniques, and methods used in rural transportation planning, project prioritization, and rural transportation service delivery. The research will identify an array of rural transportation planning issues along with tools that have been successfully used in addressing them. The research will report on the history, level of effort needed, benefits and detriments (intended and unintended consequences), and the rural intergovernmental decision-making context used to approve, develop, and deploy the tool, technique, or method. The intergovernmental context of the application will include the various consultative processes used between the involved governmental entities, the history of the issue being addressed, the enabling processes (agreements, process changes, state statutes) that were used, and the likelihood of successful implementation in other intergovernmental contexts. The unique context of the various rural consultative processes will be explored through case studies to include information on the implementing agencies, involved local officials, and FHWA or FTA program managers.

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