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NCHRP 08-36/Task 011 [Final]

Technical Methods to Support Analysis of Environmental-Justice Issues
[ NCHRP 08-36 (Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning) ]

  Project Data
Funds: 100000
Research Agency: Cambridge Systematics
Principal Investigator: John H. Suhrbier
Effective Date: 7/13/2000
Completion Date: 6/15/2002
Comments: Completed---Final report sent to AASHTO

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Executive Order 12898 on Environmental Justice issue mandates that potentially affect a wide range of planning and decision making undertaken by state DOTs, MPOs, public transportation agencies, and other transportation providers. Questions related to environmental justice arise in both system-level analyses of regional issues and at the corridor-level analyses of specific projects. These questions may relate to accessibility to jobs and other activities, as well as to other consequences of transportation policies and projects. Presently, there is limited information available to state DOTs, MPOs, and others on the technical approaches that are available to develop answers to these questions.

The objective of this task was to provide an inventory of technical approaches that can be used to address environmental justice issues in the context of systems-level planning and corridor/subarea planning. The work focused on the analysis of transportation benefits and on the identification of environmental impacts, with emphasis on the distribution of benefits and impacts across individual population segments. The effort concentrated on currently available methods that can be applied in planning studies without further research.

The contractor's final report is available here.

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