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TCRP H-04C [Completed]

Institutional Barriers to Intermodal Policies and Planning in Metropolitan Areas

  Project Data
Funds: $249,998
Research Agency: Crain & Associates, Inc.
Principal Investigator: Cliff Chambers and Alan Winn
Effective Date: 10/3/1994
Completion Date: 6/30/1996

TCRP Project H-4C identified institutional barriers to intermodal transportation policies and planning, examined opportunities for improvement, and provided ten strategies to mitigate current barriers and more effectively implement ISTEA.

The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) contains ambitious goals for the nation's intermodal transportation systems. Section 2 of ISTEA states: "It is the policy of the United States to develop a National Intermodal Transportation System that is economically efficient and environmentally sound, provides the foundation for the Nation to compete in the global economy, and will move people and goods in an energy efficient manner."

The national goals embedded in ISTEA represent an enormous step forward, especially in the field of urban transportation. Creating a national intermodal transportation system depends on effectively implementing the provisions of ISTEA. The objective of the research was to develop strategies to overcome institutional barriers that hinder full achievement of these goals. The scope of this study included barriers related to planning, funding, operating, and implementing surface passenger transportation.

TCRP Report 14 is a valuable resource for executives, decision makers, managers, and planners from transit systems, local governments, MPOs, state DOTs, the FTA, the FHWA, and organizations involved with intermodal transportation planning and committed to the fulfillment of the goals set forth in ISTEA. Readers should direct initial attention to the Executive Summary prepared by the research agency. The full research report follows for those interested in the details of the research effort and all the findings.

TCRP Report 14 is also available in portable document format (PDF). (A free copy of Adobe Acrobat reader is available at www.adobe.com.) Double-click on the files below to access the report.

Front Matter (including Executive Summary);
Chapter 1: Introduction; (389 KB)

Chapter 2: Research Approach; Chapter 3: Intermodal Planning and Policy Barriers; Chapter 4: Opportunities for Improving Intermodal Planning, National Survey Findings (0.98 MB)

Chapter 5: Attributes that Enhance Local ISTEA Implementation; Chapter 6: Recommended Strategies; Chapter 7: Conclusions and Suggested Research;
Appendix A: Stakeholder Interview Guide;
Appendix B: New Impression Questionnaire;
Appendix C: New Impression Survey Respondent Profile; (896 KB)

Appendix D: Pacific Consulting Group's Net Impression Model; Appendix E: Mean Satisfaction Ratings and Leverage Scores for national Survey;
Appendix F: Summary of Three Implementation Forums; (809 KB)

Appendix G: Bibliography (33.4 KB)

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